About Lakan Lubi

Lakan Lubi means “Coconut Emperor”. (Lakan = Emperor/Leader; Lubi = Coconut) 

Our story started in 2003. We wanted to introduce the world to Absolutely-No-Heat (ANH) Virgin Coconut Oil and its benefits. Our very own “Coconut Emperor”, Jun Mamangun, passionately studied how to make personal care products from virgin coconut oil. Each and every product was formulated with such attention to details and studied the benefits of each ingredient. Along with this, he went around the country to teach the coconut farmers how to produce their own ANH Virgin Coconut Oil. A skill that they can use as a livelihood for life. This was his advocacy to the Philippine coconut farmers.

In 2009, Jun passed away. His wife, Tess, wanted to continue what he started. Without much knowledge on the business, she tried her very best to learn every little detail, researched every ingredient, studied all his personal notes, continued teaching the farmers, went through ups and downs but she was able to carry the legacy of the Coconut Emperor. And she made us all proud.

 Forward to today, Lakan Lubi aims to continue the advocacy to help the coconut farmers and showcase products that are proudly Filipino.

We are Lakan Lubi, named after our ever passionate Coconut Emperor. A name that symbolizes strength and dedication. We are makers of personal care products from Virgin Coconut Oil. We are supporters of our coconut farmers and of all things Local, Natural and Organic.